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Specific purpose for which grant is needed. Exclusions - please see "Information about Grants", item 3 below

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Information about Grants


Data Protection Act: The information you provide will be input into our grant management system. It will only be used to enable a decision to be made about whether a grant may be approved to your organisation

  • Applications for financial assistance to individuals in need can only be accepted from a post holder in a local authority, NHS or voluntary sector agencies Suitable post holders include social workers, Health Visitors, Midwives, G.Ps, Head Teachers, family support workers. In case of doubt please contact the Trust Administrator Only one application on behalf of an individual will be considered in a twelve-month period. Maximum grant £200 per household (effective as at 22nd May 2019)
  • Applications may be for any relevant and urgent need including:
    • baby equipment
    • furniture
    • bedding – limited to £100
    • household items including floor coverings
    • clothing and footwear – limited to £50 per child, and to £75 per adult
    • small electrical items e.g. kettles , toasters, microwaves up to the value of £100 per item
    • white goods (fridges, cookers etc) up to £200
    • pre-payment electricity and gas cards up to £100
  • The Trust will not normally fund student fees or equipment, repayment of debt of any type, holidays anywhere except in special circumstances, e.g. where a holiday is arranged by a recognised charity. Priority will be given to applications where there is serious illness of the individual or in the family, which should be stated.
  • Applications will normally be processed on a continuous basis, with a turnaround of approximately four weeks. The application system will show a confirmation page when the application is successfully submitted. Email acknowledgements are sent to the post holder on application submission additionally
  • Payments cannot be made directly to an individual, only to the applicant agency by BACS transfer, so bank account details are required. The application must be digitally signed by a Finance Officer or Line Manager. If the application is successful we will send your award confirmation by email
  • If successful, an acknowledgement form is forwarded with the notification of grant, and this should be returned with receipts for the items purchased within four weeks of receiving the grant. Any unpaid or unused portion of grant should be returned to The Edinburgh & Lothian Trust Fund within a two-month period of receipt by the agency, otherwise future applications may not be considered
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Enquiries should be forwarded to

Grant AdministratorDirect Tel: 0131 555 9100
The Edinburgh and Lothian Trust FundFax: 0131 555 9101
525 Ferry RoadEmail:
Edinburgh EH5 2FF

PLEASE NOTE: A grant for welfare purposes is a gift, and the recipient can have no claim against the donor for wrongdoing.

I confirm this application is not a substitute for a statutory grant and the funds required are not available from a statutory source. By submitting the form as completed above, you agree that you have read the application guidelines and accept the terms and conditions of application.

The Edinburgh and Lothian Trust Fund SCIO is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) No: SC049138. Registered Office: 525 Ferry Road, Edinburgh, EH5 2FF

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