Please read the guidelines before completing an application

Only one application should be submitted at a time; applicants should ensure all sections are completed. Please email or post one copy of the latest audited annual accounts (or if not available, a copy of the most recent budget, with an explanation) and the latest Annual Report of the organisation, otherwise the application will not be considered.

Applicants will be notified of the Trustees decision

Grant dates and deadline applications for 2018 are as follows:

  • Tuesday 14th May 2019 – closing date is 7th May 2019
  • Tuesday 13th August 2019 – closing date is 6th August 2019
  • Tuesday 19th November 2019 – closing date is 12th November 2019
  • Tuesday 11th February 2020 – closing date is 4th February 2020

An organisation must be working in the Edinburgh/Lothian area, be recognised as a charity in Scotland and have an annual income under £200,000)

Grants are paid by computerised banking system.

An application will not be considered unless details of organisation bank account number and sort code is given. A payment cannot be made to an individual.

NB: Your organisation is responsible for all insurances and liabilities to third parties that may be incurred in the course whilst undertaking funding work.

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Summary below should agree with the information on Annual Accounts submitted

Data Protection Act

The information you provide will be input on computer. It will only be used to enable a decision to be made about whether a grant may be approved to your organisation.

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